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Total investment of more than 10 billion yuan GrandTech Laser East China regional headquarters base started construction

Release Date:2022/07/13

On June 20, the groundbreaking ceremony of Han's LASER East China regional headquarters base and the unveiling ceremony of Han's Smart Welding Equipment Group East China regional headquarters base were held in Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province.

Xu Kunlin, Deputy Secretary of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and Governor, gave instructions, Wu Qingwen, Deputy Secretary of Suzhou Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, Chen Lamb, Secretary General of Suzhou Municipal Government, Han Wei, Cai Jianfeng, Shao Junmin, Wang Yafang, Bian Dongfang and other leaders of Zhangjiagang City, as well as Gao Yunfeng, Chairman of Da Clan Laser and relevant leaders of Da Clan Group attended the event.


HAN'S LASER Chairman Gao Yunfeng said in his speech that the investment in Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province to build HAN'S LASER technology industrial park, East China regional headquarters base project, with a total investment of more than 10 billion yuan, planning land area of about 800 acres, will be built in two phases, the product to high-end intelligent manufacturing equipment, covering production, research and development, sales and East China headquarters function, after completion, Zhangjiagang base capacity will reach 60%-70% of the total capacity of HAN'S LASER, can effectively alleviate the pressure of domestic demand for upgrading intelligent manufacturing equipment.

The groundbreaking ceremony of HAN'S LASER East China regional headquarters base project was held, opening a new chapter of HAN'S LASER a new chapter in the ambitious blueprint of HAN'S LASER. In the future, HAN'S LASER will seize the major opportunity of promoting intelligent transformation and digital transformation in the Yangtze River Delta region, continue to provide strong support and equipment services for the "intelligent transformation and digital transformation" of the regional manufacturing industry, and fulfill the HAN'S LASER LASER.

In addition, Han's Smart Welding Equipment Group General Manager Hu Rui said, Han's Smart Welding Equipment Zhangjiagang factory after months of preparation and construction, has begun to bear fruit, by the Shenzhen headquarters of the original team of senior backbone, will It will become the largest production, R&D, sales and service base in East China, focusing on the development of series products and application solutions such as flat laser cutting machine, laser pipe cutting machine, 3D five-axis laser cutting machine, large format and roll custom laser cutting machine, bending and forming equipment, and automatic production line.

In the future, Zhangjiagang factory will continue to improve the upstream and downstream industrial chain system, build the second headquarters base after Shenzhen, and become a laser intelligent equipment industry base radiating from East China and even North China.

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