Han's Laser Smart Welding Equipment after-sale service, serve the world with heart

Han's Laser Smart Welding Equipment provide customers with pre-sale, sale, after-sale service. Provide customers with turn-key projects, contain process testing, program planning, project management, machinery design, animation simulation, virtual debugging, software development, testing and detection, manufacture, installing and debugging, after-sales training and a series of solutions.

Pre-sale service

Professional consultation

Provide customers with the product information consulting services at any time by network/ phone/ e-mail.

Investigations reception

Customers can come to the company to visit lab and gallery. The company provides professional staff for reception.

Processing proofing

The most complete laser welding laboratory in the world. Equipped with professional welding process team to solve your problems.

In-sale service

Han's Laser Smart Welding Equipment provide free technical consulting, process testing, solutions and so on according to customers’ needs. 

After the project starts, the professional project manager will take over the project. The project manager will control the progress of the whole project and share the real-time progress and situation of the project with customers.

After the equipment is delivered to the customer's site, the site manager will manage the installation, debugging and production to ensure the normal mass production and general acceptance of the equipment.


Professional skill Guidance


Clear delivery plan


Quick service response


3d layout display


24h network training


Customization service

After-sale service

Quantity guarantee

The whole set of equipment is installed and debugged at customer site, Warranty for one year from the date of acceptance.

Quick response

Information management system, 2h response quickly, 7*12h consultation by phone.

One-stop service

Our engineers are skilled in technology to provide customers with one-stop service.

Three free service

Free training, free installing, free software upgrade.