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HAN'S LASER Another intelligent welding equipment integration company established in East China

Release Date:2022/07/13


In order to improve the domestic industrial layout, HAN'S LASER set up Jiangsu Han's Smart Welding Equipment Group in East China, located in Tongzhou District, Nantong, the group has more than 500 employees, registered capital of 100 million yuan, and its subsidiaries in 2021 Jiangsu Han's Smart Welding Equipment Group consists of Suzhou Han's Smart Equipment, Shenyang HAN'S SETWIN Robot, Shenzhen Han's Smart Welding Equipment (formerly High Power Laser Welding Products Center) three companies, in China has four major R & D manufacturing bases in Nantong, Suzhou, Shenzhen, Shenyang. Dedicated to the research and development, manufacturing, sales and service of laser welding, intelligent welding production line, automated assembly line. Automatic assembly and testing technology and advanced complete sets of intelligent manufacturing equipment. At present, the products of Jiangsu Da Clan Intelligent Welding Equipment Group are exported both at home and abroad and are widely used in industries such as automobile, new energy, sheet metal processing, aerospace, nuclear power engineering, electric power engineering, engineering machinery and rail transportation.

01、Suzhou Han’s Smart Equipment


Suzhou Han's Smart Equipment was founded in December 2019 and is located in HAN'S LASER Industrial Park in Suzhou Industrial Park. The R&D, design, production and sales of parts automation assembly line. We have completed several benchmark projects within two years, including auto roof laser brazing, auto roof laser self-melting welding, all-aluminum body laser fillet welding, main body-in-white welding and assembly line, floor line, door cover line, side surround line and table adjustment line for OEMs, battery tray intelligent welding and assembly line, differential automatic production line, and the first independent R&D laser welding project for new energy vehicle hairpin motor in China.

02、Shenzhen Han’s Smart Welding Equipment


Shenzhen Han's Smart Welding Equipment (formerly High Power Laser Welding Product Center), focusing on laser welding for more than 10 years, has more than 60 million yuan of laser welding laboratory, with all kinds of laser welding process research and development strength, with Beihang, Hubei University set up a joint laboratory, joint research and development of high power laser welding HAN'S LASER High power laser welding machine is now used in various industries, including nuclear power field of artificial small sun 16000W laser welding machine, nuclear physics institute 20000W laser welding machine, high voltage switchgear three-dimensional five-axis laser welding machine in the field of power engineering, automotive field of car seat laser welding machine, auto parts laser welding machine, general industrial field of heat exchanger plate laser welding machine, handheld laser welding machine, standard robot laser welding workstation, intelligent collaborative robot laser welding machine, etc.

03、Shenyang HAN’S SETWIN Robot


Shenyang HAN'S SETWIN Robot, founded in February 2006, is located in the northern industrial town of Shenyang, the company has more than 140 technical staff. The company is a high-tech enterprise integrating industrial automation equipment product development and design, sales and technical services. Over the years, we have been providing high-tech non-standard industrial robot application engineering, fixtures, automated production lines and many other system solutions to the automotive industry and other industrial production fields. In the field of automobile, Shenyang Da Clan Sattvic products have been applied in a large number of parts manufacturing in BMW Brilliance, Hastings, Lingyun, Minshui, Huaxiang, Yingli, Lear, Vietnam vinfast and other companies.

Jiangsu Han's Smart Welding Equipment Group The four R&D and production bases share a common platform of R&D, design, production and manufacturing, with strong alliance and complementary advantages, providing customers with metal joining technology, automated cleaning, assembly and testing technology and advanced complete sets of intelligent manufacturing equipment.